What is an Air Amplifier?

An air amplifier is a simple and cost effective way to move air and other light materials including smoke and fumes.

It works by utilising the “coanda effect” which is a simple science of pushing large amounts of external air with only a small amount of compressed air. The external air creates a strong vacuum which converts the air pressure into amplified air flow and this has the effect of amplifying the air almost 20 times using very little compressed air power.

It is easy to use with airflow being controlled simply by adjustment of the inlet pressure valve and it is well known for offering reduced noise capabilities – anyone who regularly uses air dryers will know just how appealing this feature is Air Amplifier.

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Other additional features are:

It has no moving parts

It is very lightweight making it easy to move around as needed. Perfect if you are looking for a compact unit that can travel with you

It uses no electricity and is powered solely by air. Not only does this allow you to save money on your energy bills, it also gives you the ability to use the product when most convenient to you, even if you aren’t near a plug socket

It allows you to replace the bulky, loud, difficult to move and inconvenient fan that you would be using instead

It has a long lifespan and is capable of performing well in even the harshest of environments Because it uses only a small amount of compressed air it offers much lower consumption than other solutions

The instant on/off ability removes the threat of explosions or electric shocks

It is entirely safe to use

It is maintenance free

An air amplifier has primarily been used to move air, however it is capable of doing much more, as seen below;

1. It can be used to vent welding smoke

2. It is able to quickly and efficiently cool hot parts without contaminating said parts with coolant

3. Why not use it to dry wet parts too? Or even paint! It can also be applied to newly printed items to dry the ink quickly and protect its integrity

4. It can be used to remove chemicals and the annoying wood dust that just gets everywhere

5. It can be used to clean dirty and dusty machine parts

6. It can be applied to heat sources, such as ovens, to distribute heat more evenly across the unit

7. It does a great job in ventilating confined areas

8. And it can also be applied to exhaust tank fumes which, due to its ability to operate quietly, will not disturb nearby workers

And for the ultimate in control they can be used open or ducted, though care must be taken to avoid unnecessary restrictions which could cause back pressure or suck resistance which could ultimately reduce operating output over time.

One final thing to remember is that though the air amplifier is maintenance free, it’s important to keep it clean to promote consistency and long life span.